The Diagold Story

In January 2008, Diagold was introduced to the Cebuano market under the plush confines of SM Northwing Cebu. Diagold is home to the latest trend and exquisite unique designs of diamond jewelry products from earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, rings, and wedding rings. In this part of the region, Diagold operates as a leader in fine jewelry, selling the best quality masterpieces found only in diamond jewelry.

Diagold is derived from two distinct words, diamond and gold. Simply put together, they form luscious diamond pieces in 14k and 18k gold settings. With a careful combination of style design, carat competency, and huge discounts, diamond lovers are sure to bring home their money’s worth.

Taking back to its roots, Diagold operates under a jewelry company that has long been in the industry since 1967 — Oro China Group of Companies. With its stronghold in the Vismin region, Oro China Jewelry has a proven track record of dedicated and passionate pursuit of what is now the country’s prime jewelry company. Over the years Oro China had constantly delivered exceptional service to its customers, ensuring a genuine commitment to giving customers guaranteed satisfaction on Oro China’s exquisite jewelry lines.

Addressing the need to cater to a wider and more discriminating clientele, Oro China has evolved into a dynamic group of companies, giving birth to Oro Galleria, which sells fine Italian gold collection, and DiaGold, the store that highlights elegant diamond and gold refineries.

The company boasts of its excellent customer service, providing outstanding ‘before’ and ‘after’ sales services. Periodic training in customer service and product knowledge are constantly made available to the company’s sales force to ensure distinctive service at all times.

Special events are held annually to showcase the latest trends and designs in jewelry fashion. Huge discounts and promotional pricing are frequently offered to enable customers to invest and indulge in their favorite jewelry collection.

Braving economic forecasts, the company recently opened its doors in the Luzon area, carrying the mother name, Oro China Jewelry. These stores are now at the core of SM Supermalls scattered around Luzon and Metro Manila.